Thursday, January 17, 2013

Blind Contour

This year as another assignment for our book we were told to do a blind contour drawing of ourselves. I remember having to do these in middle school where it wasn't of ourselves but of other people. It was a little awkward, staring into someone else's face for a long period of time so this was much better. The self portrait was fun, even though I hated almost all of the ones I came out with. But finally I decided to choose my favorite and this is the one that ended up being the best.


We had to write certain questions given to us to add into our picture. I wasn't really sure how to go about this but sort of winged it with the placement and fonts. I like how it looks so far and I'm deathly afraid of adding color. But I know the color will only enhance it (I hope) and that I shouldn't be too afraid since things usually come out alright. My intentions now are to finish going over the text with black ink and then maybe dripping color down from the top of the page. Just got to find a way to do that without bleeding the ink too much.

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