Thursday, January 17, 2013

Empty Bowls

Cheers to another year of Empty Bowls!

Empty bowls happens every two years, the proceeds going to  The Foodbank of South Jersey, and I'm fortunate enough to experience it both years here in high school. The Empty Bowls is a tradition at township, making the wide spread of hunger be known to the community. Everyone can enjoy a meal together and get to take home the bowl once they're finished. All the bowls are made by the Haddon Township Art students and the food is donate locally by families or businesses. this dinner brings attention to all the bowls that never known if they'll be filled one day or the next, and that hunger among the community is more common than people think. In the weeks leading up to this event, everyone has been busy at work making bowls and plates. I'm extra excited because instead of only serving soup like the last year, we're doing a pasta pot luck. The event has changed from the previous year so I hope it will be even better this year.

I can't remember all the bowls I made, most of them being generic bowls that small details to identify them, but this one shown below is one of my long bowls that I made and glazed myself. The glaze is weird, I couldn't even tell you what I did to get this look. This year while glazing I decided to take a lot of risks with my color choices and layering so I never k now exactly what I'll be getting. I like this bowl though, even with it's imperfections.

These other bowl I did not make myself but I did glaze it. I think the glazing came out alright for the most part. Glazing is probably one of my favorite parts about the Empty Bowls event. It's always a gamble with how the bowl will come out and so far I have seen plenty of really amazing bowls.

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